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To Whom It May Concern, I was wanting information on who I can get into contact with about becoming the first His Hop radio affiliate in Eastern Ohio. My area lacks a Christian Hip Hop radio station. We do have K-Love radio in our area, however, they never really play much hip hop and ever since I starting listening to His Hop in Las Vegas because of my Homie Dusty Marshall’s interview on here. I have been hooked and would love to get this in my area code. Sincerely yours, MB (Baseline)
Get listed in our digital mall!
Shout out to my sis Laura Bucci !!!! Enjoyed you today
Shout out to the entire His Hop radio family! Love you guys! (Kingdom Squad)
Thank you for this station , I truly enjoy this. And giving my shout out and happy birthday to Shonta Gibson
Play CWA Compilation By: Vision
God bless! I just heard your radio announcement about Cranked up! I've been releasing a new song on Friday's called the verses project. It would be an honor to participate in Cranked up. Llifemusic.net and Pairalel music on soundcloud is where you can hear what we have been releasing. Thank you for your time.
I appreciate the fact there's a platform that plays not only mainstream artist, but independent artist doing it for the Lord as well. Keep rockin that His Hop Heat!!! #salute
This is the best Christian platform for artist. Make sure to like the facebook page to stay in the loop on every live interview.
Thank you for bumping my new song My Lord But your boy butchered my name. LOL It’s Tae Lamar (pronounced Tay)
BEAUTIFUL man. Love the atmosphere of excitement on the show. Most gospel stations, to me, are boring. I can listen to your show all day. REAL TALK. I pray that our Father expand your territory, in Jesus name. If you agree, it shall be done. #DaryleBallardMusic
I LOVE CLUB HIS HOP!!!! So grateful we have a place like this to share the love of God through artists and music!!!
This is my second passion in life, being a wonderful part of a Christian night club. This video is long, but it will give you a sneak peek into the club and exactly what we do there. Kenny Valero is our Amazing DJ! to boot he is only 16 years old. Kenny! we love you, and everything you do for us. Our radio host and club owner is Mr. Sam His-Hop Stewart. Our Amazing video club designer, audio Wizard, is none other than, Mr. Jim Howard. Jim has spent countless hours remodeling the club and creating an Amazing atmosphere for all ages to come. I myself, Amy Goesch Hardy am the club's freelance photographer, and love what I do! Our dream was made possible by the love and respect of our pastor and brother in Christ, John Gee. and his lovely wife Denise Gee. We as a whole, want more than anything, for our club to be the most successful Christian night club, there has ever been, in the history of the state of Nevada! Please come and see us soon. we would love to worship with you and spend some time in great fellowship. From our family to yours, May God Bless you all. CLUB HIS HOP AND THE CREW.
Go to the contact tab on the APP and you can send music that way also.
Send your music to radio@HisHopNation.com
I have 2 artist whom you maybe interested in sharing with your listeners? how can i submit there songs.
Why you don't play Brix No Straw out of New York?
Congratulations Sam Stewart! Your station (His Hop Radio ) has been selected from our Directory to be a Featured Station in your Rap - Hip Hop genre'. We Take Pride in the selection of Featured Stations, and you should as well as it is a great accomplishment and it stands as proof of your hard work and dedication to this craft and is recognized by your industry peers. Share the fact you have been selected from well over a thousand stations on our directory at: http://streamlicensing.com/directory/?g=10 Make sure you tell your friends and audience on all your Social Media Sites of this prestigious peer selection recognition award. Again we say a hardy Congratulation to you! Keep up the good work. The Stardome Digital/StreamLicensing Team
Thank you i was saved for over ten years and the hip hop had gotten so bad that i could no longer listen. Thank you for restoring me to my orginal nusic genre love.
My Home away from home! Thank you for the warmth. It was refreshing and very professional. We will be back! Sam Stewart
Hello my name is Dupree Williams and Im a college graduate that studied audio production and was wondering if you're looking for any interns or street team workers. If so please give me a call at 5596792072 thank you
God bless brethren! Preci8 you having me out. It was good to link up and meet lots of awesome people at CLUB HIS HOP!!! Gotta do it again for sure. #Salute #WhosHop #HisHop
I wanted to take time out and give a shot out to my big cuzzo Sam His Hop Stewart. He has grown so much in Christ keep up the great work cuzzo your family has your back and we love you..... Xoxoxo#about our father's business
Nice venue for Christian hip hop. Nice atmosphere!
I was at Club His Hop for the play Soul Mates, it was awesome. Prayer, singing and a play that addressed real life issues. Every person in the play was incredibly awesome! God is good all the time. I plan to attend other events in the near future.
I believe 150% in this man of God's vision!!! Everyone who knows me it is my biggest wish that you would treat yourself and listen to His Hop radio #downloadtheapp #amazingmusic #chectitout
Thank you again for us being to come out to be Blessed... It was real nice we are so blessed to being able to represent God with some awesome Artists that are Truely Blessed as well... can't wait to come back out... Peace n Love... KV!!!
Can't go to sleep, the spirit is in the house
Praising God is what I do, to hear others praising God just put me in a good spirit
So need to be spread across the world, the goodness of God
Can't wait till we come that way! #TeamJesus
The light of Vegas SHINING SO BRIGHT FOR JESUS...I can see it in FLORIDA
I c u
Man I wish I would've known I'm in vegas
Holy Ghost party
Ain't no party like a what party?
PRAISE God, who am I? I'm a child of the King, born into royalty!!##
Just follow Eastcoast HISHOP Crew FB for more information and inbox us if you're interested. We haven't set a date yet but mid to late 2017 is what we are looking at
Still looking for a members of Eastcoast HISHOP Crew to go out on a mission trip to the streets of Vegas and then a night like this of Celebration and Worship at CLUB HIS HOP
I love this app lol.
We had an amazing time at Club His Hop. A Free event the whole family enjoyed. You must check it out. Your Friday nights will never be the same. We will be back. March 12th. Thank you Sam HisHop Stewart! What a blessing!!
It was so awesome Sam.My whole family listen together. Then afterwards we shot a scene for my "He Chose Me"video. Im so motivated brother. I salute you!God bless.
Truthfully my brother, when i was lookin for some true CHH that wasn't "corney" (lack of a better word) and told a story about me and my life here on the west coast, God directed me to find Keno Camp randomly on YouTube. I always struggled with music in my walk cause I love music and the world music always drew me back. Now with Keno Camp I've found others to keep me off the earthly airwaves; #Illuminate Reza Afshar # #Pyrexx . I still listen to a little world music, but 90% of what I listen to is Keno
this is a perfect place for you to showcase your talent, check it out, check out their Facebook page too
Was wondering I would love to help this his hop get full on Friday I forgot to grab some flyers . His hop Is so fun and exciting to worship good on a hole other level Im going to get the word out more God bless what you guys do
Club HisHop was introduced to me 3 years ago, by a Wonderful Man and Fellow Christian Brother, DJ HEXX. I was in complete bewliderment as to how such An Amazing Club could be such a huge success and no one even had ever heard about it! Club HisHop, is everything I ever dreamed about, A family oriented business establishment where all who had talent could grace our stage with their presence. A place where broken souls could reunite, Where broken heart's could find love, Where family's of all religion, race and friendship could get together and have one heck of a wonderful time. I am so Grateful to be a part of the HIsHop Crew, It has given me the opportunity to photograph and capture something Amazing within my camera lens. A precious moment in time, with family and loved one's from all over the world. Club HisHop brings Joy, peace, love, and most of all UNITY. We welcome all to our Club, All the way from 1 month old, to 100 years old! Club HisHop, you are number one on my Christian HisHop radar! Love you guys! Ms. Amy Goesch Hardy
Its been great, awsome and spiritaining for some time now i have been introduce to HisHop radio. You guys are doing so much in changing the lives of the youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ not just in America but all over the world. Thumbs up WELCOME TO THE HISHOP MOVEMENT
It is always an honor and a Great Blessing to be a part of something so Amazing! Sam Stewart, Club HisHop, Never stop, taking it to the top!
awesome.... they need more of this for all these young kids... great job heart emoticon
I love what they doing to reach many young people who ache without fathers in their life.... I met with a man last night, whose only option for the fear he felt was a gangster father on the streets of LA. He met Jesus last night, and his whole world started changing because he never felt loved before... Every time you see young person who is tatted up or looks scarry to you, remember that at one time they dreamed of being loved by a dad. Stop and love them with the Love Jesus has given you, and you will see a miracle begin..... the fastest way to take to anger and fear out of our young people is though ministries like this who give a place for Jesus to work...
Sam I read the article and that is great. It seems like you really have found a good sound ministry in his hop music and poetry. I am proud of you and your efforts to make a positive impact especially on the young where they can enjoy that environment. God sure gave you a sound mind and keen judgement on sticking with your dream. To God be the glory.
Doin yard work bumpin His-Hop radio!!! How bout some: Selah The Corner-WSC J'son- Love To Do It
Gary Lee, All glory, honor and praise to the LORD God Almighty in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for joining us on His Hop Radio we know the Lord Jesus will use your interview and Jesus Testimony powerfully to draw many to Himself. Praise Yahweh
Thank You Sam Stewart and Robert Smart for letting me be the 1st Christian Rocker to ever be on His Hop Radio Las Vegas Awesome Interview ....Keep Letting The Light Of Christ Shine In The Midst Of Your All
I really really really really really had a great time at Club His Hop last night I hot to meet some great people and hang out with some good friends. It's was amazing We prayed for the youngsters all over the world. I am not just saying this is a great place but I'm actually saying You have got to check out the next event and find out for yourself. Thank you Sam His-Hop Stewart for stepping out in faith and being obedient. Club His Hop is truly making a difference and an impact in our city. Shonda Still StandingLowe it was a blessing hanging with you we must do it again
Awesome.. It was phenomenal
Last night, was the first time I had seen all the new equipment at CLUB HIS HOP. I stood there in love, with what I saw before my eyes. 3 beautiful screens, Lighting equipment, speakers galore. freshly painted walls! A vision of success, was now before my eyes. what was different? My heart knew exactly what it was! It was the presence and the atmosphere, of a wonderful dream come true. countless hours of love, devotion, hard work , time and financial blessings.. I want to thank each and everyone who made this dream possible. Family Worship Christian Church,The entire staff. Sam His-Hop Stewart, Erick Willis, and the entire HisHop crew members.Our Amazing! talented Rap artist's, Singers and performers. Your presence upon the stage. brings Joy, Hope, Faith and Love. Family! we are all family. because without you. and the people and audience that support our ministry none of this could be possible. You believed! That with God, everything is possible. HisHop, don't stop, take it to the top!
I love my new APP ..try it I rather listen to this all day any Day His Hop Radio..Scroll down towards the bottom. I guarantee u will love it too. Tune in pls and listen.
U r going to another level in ur ministry It may look dark and ur getting tired but ur work is not in vain. Many lives are being changed God is using u as a mighty weapon in his hand. Don't let the devil discourage u.
Promoting other's, is the greatest gift of love. Everyday I see greatness and true success when I observe the actions of other's, who truly encourage the lives of other's, to become everything this life could possibly offer. This is true friendship! and love and support. I have a friend such as this, His name is Sam Stewart. I have had the honor of knowing my friend Sam, for almost 2 years now. I see his Heart and soul pour out to those he encourages, every time, I am Blessed to be within his presence. I am so honored to have Sam in my life, as well as the many friends and family who know him personally. I remember when I began to fall, and needed time to heal my broken heart. Sam, never gave up on being there to support me. Even when I was so cruel with my words and anger. Sam, gave me the greatest gift, he could have ever given me, A chance to photograph, many of the Christian artist's, who grace the stage of CLUB HIS HOP, with their presence, and songs of worship for our Lord and Savior. He helped me live my dream, As he continues to encourage other's, to live their dreams..
It takes a very special kind of Woman or Man, To rise above any form of verbal or physical abuse. The scars are many, It can take several years to recover from this. We have many choices within this lifetime to heal, or continue to be a victim, of such abuse. I recently visited the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. With my Dear friends, Carolina Rojas, NIck Velasquez, and Sam Stewart. As I watched Carolina sing her heart out, in praise for our Lord and Savior, And also watched Sam and Nick sing. I give praise to God, for the second chances most are given within this lifetime. Most will take that second chance. Other's, unfortunately may never. I looked upon the crowd of homeless men and Women being fed that night. I looked into the sky, I asked God why? Why must there be so much sorrow? So much mental illness? within the walls of this mission. Is it, because society just gave up? Or was it because the pain became so unbearable, one could not survive? I know that God looked upon each and every Woman that night, As I also prayed for each and everyone of them. That somehow, through this ministry The rescue Mission, and our CLUB HISHOP MInistry, lives would certainly be touched that night. It takes tremendous courage to sing in front of a crowd of people who do not believe that there truly is a GOD. I am grateful to be a part of the HIS HOP MInistry. And that if I ever were to become homeless, I would certainly have a place to call my home. I know within my own heart The Las Vegas Rescue Mission serves many, many meals. to our homeless community, each and every day. For this, I am so Blessed to be a part of two Amazing Ministries!
Club HisHop is such a refreshing, positive environment, your kids as well as you adults are sure to get hooked! A Christian environment with a fun hiphop vibe n more, what else could you ask for?????
Club His Hop is Definitely what the 702 needs.. Great Atmosphere, Great Talent, fun, games, and just an Over All #DopeSpot! All While keeping God #1st #MuchLove
We had another packed audience again at CLUB HIS HOP. I think the best part was watching the train of children run all over the place last night! Oh my Gosh, they were so cute!! We had Amazing Gospel Rappers at at Club. So many new adventures memories and faces to once again grace the stage with your Amazing Presence! I want to give a huge shout out to! Sam Stewart, also known as D- ROAD, Erik Willis, and Faith Family Worship Christian Church, for making this all forever Possible, In the eyes of our Lord and Savior.
great time tonite bro
Awesome nite Sam, now I can't sleep.
Yoo and your crew are powerful, faithful, and effective in the ministry and able to reach anybody. Thank you Sam Stewart
I would like to thank Sam Stewart and His-Hop Crew for being so very faithful whether there are hundreds of people present or a few dozen. Their commitment is always the same. God is watching and is going to continue to exhalt you all and the His-Hop Ministry because you do it for Him.
Your interview on "Las Vegas Tonight" will be aired on an Asia network in 10 million homes next week.
Good morning My Brother, Okay so here I am day two on this organic mushroom coffee. Wow! This is so cool. the benefits I had from it yesterday was a ton of energy. and it curbed my appetite which was awesome. I did not eat as much yesterday. Yea Ive gained 10 pounds. not happy. anyway, I love being the quinea pig for this coffee,LOL because then it can be told how wonderful it is. No jitters what so ever! way cool! I can not get over the unique flavor of it..... Sam I think you have made a great investment in this coffee. is it possible to give out cups of coffee at one of the HIsHop gatherings. so people can give you their review? I think it is worth a shot, It may sell the product more. You Rock!
You always believed you would bring CLUB HIS HOP to the top! No matter how much adversity had tried to stop you. You never gave up! I am so proud of what you have accomplished. Hard work and determination develops courage of the Heart. You my Friend, Have a very courageous, Fearless Heart. Congratulations on making your Dreams, come true.
I want to take time out and thank God for such blessings in my life. Sometimes in our lives something happenes which can shake your faith. But during a time like this you can either turn to God or run away. I choice to run to God. This weekend it was such an amazing blessing our Christian Club Hishop had the honor to host a per Stella Awards event we had over 300 people and so many gospel performers, amazing anointing. And today to complete the weekend we experinces how the body of God is moving through several Christian organization reaching out to the community to seek the lost and captive. I used constant questions why did God bring me to Las Vegas and honestly I didn't like it at all. Now my question is what can I do for your children Lord. Trust me there is no mistake God has us exactly were we need to be. Until he moves us to the next Journey. Thank you my Lord and King.
We all love you and your family brother Sam and you were such a champion yesterday for the successful function, we are with you and love you dearly. If you need Anything please ask us your family, we are here for you. we all love you.
Amazing Night at ‪#‎ClubHisHop‬ last night! The support is always so much! ‪#‎DamageCrew‬ ‪#‎HisHop‬ ‪#‎WeDoDamage‬ ‪#‎DMG‬ ‪#‎DMGBaby‬ ‪#‎DamageMusicGroup‬ ‪#‎LasVegas‬ ‪#‎Vegas‬ ‪#‎Concert‬ ‪#‎God‬ ‪#‎Love‬ ‪#‎Work‬ ‪#‎Passion‬
Good morning world, hope all is well. Today is the last day of my Las Vegas trip but I must say I had a blast last night DJaying at ‪#‎Clubhishop‬... The party was so ‪#‎TurnUp‬, here is a taste of how it all went down.
Keep up the Good Work. GOD is GOOD.
So happy God surely moved can't wait for the 28.
It was a powerful experience. I was glad to see people on a Friday night enjoying themselves in a Gospel setting and having so much fun
I had a blast djing today with the HisHop crew at the MLK parade it was an amazing experience I want to thank sam, Tha street precha,tone(formerstreetgangsters)etc but all in all I hope I get to do it again next year cause it was just that fun but one thing I wished was for DjHexx Hector to be there and Joseph Blades II so I could showed them how much I improved in maturity and in Djing so I loved just being around there presence but this is Dj KR signing out
This was an awe inspiring event. I am so, so happy I came! Thank you, Lisa for your prayer, blessing are moving for us all!!
I had a great time at Clubhishop Las Vegas Sam,Eric and Dj Blade are some good dudes and my bro Sam showed me the red carpet treatment headed back Ferguson Mo on a whole nother level it's yo brotha and yo friend ForWord Records artist Larry Rodgers
I wish to thank Sam, Eric and all those who contribute their time and effort to HISHOP. My thanks for inviting me to discuss my passion, fighting Human Trafficking. I was humbled by the energy and appreciation demonstrated by all who witnessed this event. I am looking forward to future invitations so I can update everyone on the progress we are making to SAVE OUR KIDS. As I said last night, bad things happen when good people do nothing. We must use the gifts God gave us to fight those who are possessed by by Satan. Yes, the Lord is in charge but He uses us to do His will. If each of us saves one child, we will make this world a better place. Remember, we all have free will, lets use it to obey our Lord because we were chosen to do His work
I want to glorify & thank the Father, Son, and the holy ghost for an amazing display of the presence of God last night. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend Sam Stewart last night. I know all things are ordained by the King of kings. I pray a blessing of love, and joy over those who wanted to come out but couldn't. God word had me speechless..... I love each of you
Chaplain Barry gives Human Trafficking presentation at Club His Hop/ Chaplain Sam Stewart on Friday evening. With Debbie Damron Victorya Campe
Let's start the new year with a bang ! Come and support us as we stand against human trafficking! The only way evil can continue is if good people do nothing. Come join us also for music & great fun . Live interviews and more Who's HOP!!!???
I used to be able to find good advice from your blog articles.| Thank you for another magnificent article. The place else may just anybody get that kind of info in such a perfect manner of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am at the look for such info.
You were absolutely amazing and I still have to figure out how to take that awesome video and put it on to Facebook. Thank you for allowing us enjoy such an exciting evening with you. The boys enjoyed it so much as well! Love, LaDonna & Martin
I just wanted to let you know your efforts are appreciated. God blesses you to do the footwork. We are watching you glad to be apart of your journey
Had a great time at CLUB HIS HOP last night with my mentor and his family, it was interesting. First time on the His Hop stage, then I wasn't expecting to be expected to have my own beat, THEN I wound up going first, no rehearsal but over all it went well and first and for most it wasn't about me but about unity with God's people.
Beautiful las vegas nevada. Giving god all the praise for the fellowship, lives that were touched at club his hop and his goodness
We a super excited that on October 10th Friday we will be in fellowship with Club His Hop praise GOD! We know God is going to do a works may we all be prepared to be used as the vessel continuously decreasing as the Lord increases! VEGAS HERE WE COME! #ComingFromCalifornia
Just a couple days away to be able to fellowship with you all! We cant wait! #GodBless you al!
You have been touching and changing lives since you were born. Yes, you have been special and anointed for the call and purposes of God. I know that God is going to continue to use you in ways that will continue to build the kingdom in creative but solid and soul winning ways. You are such a blessing to so many, I pray that God will bless you and your family exceedingly and beyond your expectations. Love you cousin, brother, and friend.
Hallelujah !!! Oct. 10th its goin down!
Sam, I just received this nice note. Blessings, Dale Davidson "Dear Dale~ I just wanted to say thank you so very much, for the love and support you have given to our community. My heart has been touched by your kindness to help others achieve their dreams. I watched the interview with my Dear friend, Sam HisHop Stewart, known as DRoad, for club HisHop. It made me cry tears of joy to see him being interviewed by you. I know deep within my Heart, how very much Sam's ministry means to our community. How very hard he strives to spread the word of our Lord and savior every day. And how in a world of such adversity, Sam never gives up! even when many have tried to stop him. Sam Stewart is a true messenger of God. I believe he has so much to give to others. and through him, I feel the ministry of Club HisHop, shall touch the lives of many within our community." Respectfully, Ms. Amy Hardy
To Sam, James and Nick - it's been a blessing to me to know you! God is doing amazing things in your lives!!!! All three of you have such a heart to serve the Lord! Your compassion and the love you have for others is amazing and serves as a testimony to others especially men of how Christ centered Christian men are to live their lives. You are men of valor!!! Keep it up. This world needs men like you to set the example, this world needs men of valor - God's valor!!!
Ready to come Minister and Fellowship With Y'all!! Its join DOWN for King Jesus ! ...we want all of Nevada to hear our Praise!! #LetsGo #PraiseHISName
What up everyone. This is Zone-3 of the His Hop Crew. Just wanted to give a shout out to everyone that's been supporting the ministry and checking out the site. We should have some new tracks coming out soon so keep an ear out for that. Thank you Lord for all you do. Let your will be done in this ministry and in our lives. Amen
Can't wait to fellowship Excited and can't wait!!!!!GOD BLESS
Praise The Lord!!! We cant wait to come out there in the Name of Jesus! Hallelujah! Me and my group TS really are excited to come fellowship With y'all and turn up the the KING!!!
WHAT IT DO HIS HOP!!! GoODy is about to bring that spiritual fire to Vegas.... Stay tuned and stay blessed!
WHATS UP, HIS HOP NATION!! October 10 its going down for Christ. I can't wait , I know its going to be a Amazing .
Christlike Radio/Christlike TV/Christlike Magazine of www.SoChristlike.com is now down with His Hop Nation!!! #GetFamilar
Cant wait to fellow should with you all! VEGAS HERE WE COME!
Yesiir!! Its Going Down @ Club HisHop Oct 10 for The Official Hood vs Evil Album release party!! Live Kingdom Music from artist all around the country. Fun games prizes and even a costume party.. I Cant Wait!! Whos Hop?? #G2G #Cino
Hey Vegas! What's up His Hop!? your girl Miss Sabrina Williams from the GOoDy Family will be in the building in October!I'm gonna warn y'all in advance I'm a straight Fool...For God! ;) to get familar with me & the rest of the GMEG camp visit www.goodymeg.com for FREE downloads P.S. I'm claiming that 1st place in the costume contest!
I'm so excited about coming out to Vegas (Club His Hop) in October. I hear nothing but great things about you guys and giving artist a platform to preach this Gospel through music. We plan to turn up for Christ, Fellowship, and Praise the Most High... G.M.E.G. God Makes Everything Good It's all about the Kingdom and I have an expectation that some lives will be changed and some people will come to Christ, Because when we lift up his name, he will draw all men unto him...October 10th Make sure y'all are in the building, I know it's gone be off the Cross up in Club His Hop... Goodymeg.com LET'S GO SAINTS
THANK YOU FATHER!!! Who's Hop? HIS Hop set it OFF! THNX MUCH!!! to all of the HIS Hop Crew for the Blessing! & all who came out to Celebrate CHRIST!!!
I am Blessed beyond Blessed, to have been behind my camera lens, of such Amazing Men and Women of God tonight! I have never seen such talent as what I had witnessed tonight. Awesome Greatness! Sam His-Hop Stewart, what an incredible lineup of phenominal performers, and Rap Artists! You packed the house of God Tonight. May his continuous Blessings be upon you always. I want to thank each and everyone, who made tonight such a cherished moment within my Heart! Posting pictures tomorrow. Love and Blessings
It was cracking!
We were so BLESSED to meet you & be a part of this night CLUB HIS HOP! Can't thank you enough Amy Goesch Hardy for BLESSING us with your gift! This adds so much life to an AMAZING memory. MUCH LOVE! & GOD'S BEST ALWAYS!!!
I remember the very first time I walked into CLUB HIS HOP. I was invited by my Brother in Christ, DJHEXX. It was a night I will never forget, I brought my camera that night, and decided I really wanted to be a part of this Amazing adventure. I cried tears of joy, when after the show Craig FewFace Maher , came to me and handed me his CD, and a Beautiful custom made hat. Manuel ProdigalSon Quimiro also approached me and gave me his CD that night. I felt The Lord has brought me to a place I now call my home. I asked all the performers that night to come together, so I could get a group shot. I want to tell you how much CLUB HIS HOP has changed my life! Sam His-Hop Stewart I want to thank you with all my Heart for this Ministry, and the way in which the Lord continues to Bless my life. God Bless You All
I would like to THANK Club His Hop and the crew for blessing us with your presence on Saturday at Jacee Park you guys did an Awesome job as usual...thanks for your love and support....xoxoxo cheers to many more
You seem to be well immersed in the music industry. I appreciate the opportunity to meet new, talented, people like yourself to exchange ideas and learn new things. You can look forward to our support at Vegas Vibes and at IDIncite. Here's to your success. Cheers!
Sam I watched your interview last night & was truly blessed not to mention impressed!!!! I am moving back to LV soon & can't wait to visit Club HIS HOP!!!! BLESS YOU MIGHTY MAN of GOD!!!
The HisHop club n Genesis touched sooo many hearts tonight at The Rescue Mission with their Take me to the king performance n Christian Rap! God showed up n showed out to a PACKED HOUSE! Sam His-Hop Stewart, thank you brother for opening ur heart to the girls! We love ya! WHO'S HOP? "HISHOP"!!!
Had a blast on Friday thanks for the invite can't wait till next time #Godbless
You are so very welcome Sam His-Hop Stewart. I Believe the Lord brings us all together in perfect unity of Brother and Sisterhood. I so very much enjoy making precious memories for you, and Club HisHop. You are all such a Beautiful Blessing to my Heart and Soul.
I was really blessed by the music G-Blest and Joseph Blades II ministered last night @ club HisHop. Great job guys.
G-Blest preparing to bless us with the gift God gave him at Club HisHop last night.
Any of you with teens young adults they need a place to hang out? There is a Christian hip hop place! A fellow Chaplian Sam His-Hop Stewart Is providing an awesome Alternative! Check it out!
HisHop! Fantastic show!
It was my first time to the show. I had a amazing enlightening time listening to the wonderful Christian Rappers. I hope to see more shows. We need to spread the word of HisHop.
Hi Sam! Enjoyed last nite. Trying to think of who I can bring along next time. BTW, I put His-Hop on Yelp! Jeanne Marie
Amazing energy in an environment that promotes positive life choices for our youth through Jesus Christ.
Club His Hop is Definitely what the 702 needs.. Great Atmosphere, Great Talent, fun, games, and just an Over All #DopeSpot! All While keeping God #1st #MuchLove
What a great place for both young & mature to hang out & be in a safe & friendly environment.. The holy Spirit is evident in this place..
I love the fact that y'all are giving God praise in the city of sin!!! I'm so about that life!!
Huge Thank you to those that came out, tonight. Everyone that contributed to the cause/HisHop. You guys are awesome! God bless! *I know there are lots of events happening tonight & some that are Kingdom building and I know He gets glory in all of them. So, I'm happy.
Not if you come to open mic @ 6pm. Good question Michael Vela
I waz wondering if you want to perfrom a song does it have to be one that is recorded. Thank you
I'm from the mission and am under the rap name Tugboat. I've spoken with Zone-3 and Sam used to deliver the word Sunday mornings. I was wondering...how do I join? I've been to one event back in December (even shot a vid for the outside a gas station haha) but I'm just wondering how to progress?
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Hi when in February will you be having Club HIS HOP? I want to come but not sure when you have things going on is it Every Weekend or just every once in awhile?
Oh my goodness gracious. YALL BE PUTTIN' IT DOWN!!! I wasn't even there but I really enjoyed watching all that you showed. This is so powerful. I get really excited and my spirit is certainly uplifted every time I tune in. I want so badly to be a part of Club His Hop. You guys are changing lives and having so much fun doing it.... SAM I AM TRULY PROUD OF YOU AND IT'S AN HONOR TO KNOW YOU ..
Hello HisHop, we look forward to the next event and will bring souls who can benefit from the Kingdom building.
feeling humbled by the holy spirit and the presence of our family in his presence! with Annie His-Hop Cervantes in Las Vegas, NV I would like to take the time out tonight to say Thank you and I appreciate you all that came out to support CLUB HIS HOP PRESENTS: END OF THE YEAR CELEBRATION! We never realize how many people we have in our corner till we look around and see who's there. Thank you IC Jonez, StreetPraise OutreachTeam, Follow Jesus, Nicole Ianacone Moore, Doc Jones, Kimberly S-g, Xavier Jackson, Jenisis Praise, Swae Does Damage, and everyone else who came thru tonite. Yall brought the spirit with you. That was a very special feeling tonite sharing our gifts with our friends and family. A very special Thank You goes out to the whole HIS HOP Crew, Sam His-Hop Stewart, Nick Velasquez, James His-Hop Bonsell, Erick Willis, DeMarlo Beals, and our favorite dj DjHexx, For giving us the platform to share tonight. The way the spirit was moving tonight was truly amazing. Thank you God for always finding new ways to show us your love and for always humbling us to your will. We love you all with all our hearts. You are all our Family. God bless yall.
Bro look what God is doing to see where you guys started and follow the progress of God's blessings over the ministry and your life. Has been nothing short of inspiring!!!! Stay faithful first to God then your wife and family and bro you haven't seen nothing yet. Dare to believe God above and beyond and trust your faith will activate his blessings and favor to reach even more people. Sam Stewart walk in boldness sir Love u bro God Bless
@Denise Thank you my sister we love you to God be the glory keep us in prayer.
Amen. I feel it strongly from the Lord. He's gonna bless His hop we gotta stay strong rebuke the enemy stay faithful follow his word stay on his path for us and never give up in JESUS NAME, IN JESUS NAME, IN JESUS NAME. God almighty you are our refuge our sanctuary fill us with your holy spirit and let it shine ever so bright that it may reflect on to others who don't know you. Let us save souls for your glory. I love you Lord, thank you for all we have. In Jesus name amen
This can and will happen Theresa Moore God has unbelievable powers and through him HisHOP will flourish!!!#No Doubt#!!!
Had a blast as always thanks Sam
If you missed last nights CLUB HIS HOP, I feel sorry for you Jenisis Praise had the whole block amped up on the Holy Spirit We didnt go to bed til like 1:00am God is doing some amazing things through this event cant wait for next month
Sam it was awesome. The Holy Sprit was really moving I was so powerful I couldn't sleep.
God rewards those that remain faithful with the small! It shall come to pass! : ) - I can't wait to see all that the Lord is going to do with Sam, James, Nick and Ceena! - And one day sooner than we think, we all will be sitting back and reflecting on what God has accomplished and all we will be able to say is WOW! LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE!!!! - thousands of souls - Sam thousands!!!! : ) It's gonna be amazing and awesome! I just feel so privileged and humbled that the Lord will allow me to see it happen!
Had a supper blessed time , and blast in Vegas this past weekend , met some real cool and beautiful people in the Lord , met up w/ my ol roommate and brother , Jaye Malik who showed me the ropes of writing and performing music when I first got started ... we finally got a chance to perform my first hit we wrote like 7 yrs ago "Truly A Queen" Jesus rocked the event ! Check out the show at this link ... If your an artist from Sac , the Bay or L.A. or Pittsburgh PA... Dallas Hicks Adrian Cooks, Kevin Rider , MsGoldie Reed II , Khanchuz-Leo Jackson Eric Majetich Jr. , CJ Solomon , Dwight Transparent Taylor , Alex Johnson ... then hit up Sam His-Hop Stewart to get booked ...
A 12 minute match back to back with a 30 minute set is pretty rough....dope experience tho lo
As my kids n I pray tonight. My sons prayer was thanking God for putting him on stage tonight. N for those who God put in His path N who made it possible. Prayers like these that melt your heart away n God shows us our gifts, n purpose for His glory. Amen. Pray n b a mentor n lead our lost generation to Christ !dbs da DBs Tha Lyrical Sam His-Hop Stewart Thank you.
Tonights CLUB HIS HOP was awesome It was sooo awesome running into someone from the past, back when Jaime wasnt Jaime, but "Jbiz" from the group "Renegade". Its amazing to see how far we've come & how much the Lord has changed us for the better Hope you all have a blessed evening & if u dont know this by now, Jesus loves you & so do I Good night everyone
Had an amazing movie night with the hubby courtesy of CLUB HIS HOP Thank u Sam His-Hop Stewart & the rest of the His Hop crew for the date night tickets LOL...God bless u all
I just wanted to take the time out after an awesome night to thank my brothers and sisters in Christ that put on an amazing night tonight. The anointing on this show was soooo powerful the enemy took out one of the dj's computers( sorry Hector DjHexx) and delayed all performers by like 45 min. but that gave my brother IC Jonez the opportunity to speak candidly with the audience. We all heard what God was sayin to us loud and clear. I love when the Lord uses our set backs as a set up for His come back. I wand to extend an enormous Thank you to Mr Sam His-Hop Stewart for pushing thru all the struggles to continue Giving God the Glory thru this amazing ministry that is His-Hop. We all gained soo much from tonights events. Don't ever feel as if any of our struggles are in vain. He loves us too much. I love all of you that had a hand in tonight. Thank you to Alexander Garcia-tanchez and Rey Redeemed Campista for allowing me to grace the stage in worship with you brothers. and God bless all who blessed us withyour talents tonight. I love you all soo much. Good night and God bless
Thank you Sam His-Hop Stewart & James His-Hop Bonsell for an awesome night. Thank you all artists that performed tonight & thank you Father for another amazing evening The enemy was really going crazy tonight I brought 2 video camaras, 1 died in the middle of a video & the other mysteriously had no pictures talk about a bumber!!!!! But he will never succeed if we continue to shine our lights in the midst of the darkness “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all. He guards all of his bones; not one of them is broken.” Psalm 34:19 — feeling blessed
Special thanks to JBlades spinning a perfect ser for us! Forreal! And Hector DjHexx Nuno on the sound board doing the gamgam style the whole time!!!!! Lol
Great night at club His Hop
Club His Hop tonight! Everything from rock to rap. Good Christ centered music comes in many styles...
Had a bomb.com time as Club His Hop tonight celebrating our 1 year anniversary!!
Happy one year anniversary! Jam'n..... — with Tracy May and 3 others at CLUB HIS HOP PRESENTS : SUMMER SLAM!
Wooooooowww sooo live tonight God is soooo good!!!! HAPPY 1 YR ANNIVERSARY CLUB HISHOP!! SHOUT OUT TO ALL OF THE TALENTED SOULS WHO PARTICIPATED ‪#‎we‬ ‪#‎do‬ ‪#‎DAMAGE‬ — with Swae Does Damage and 8 others at CLUB HIS HOP.
Congratulations to my brother and good friend in the faith Sam Stewart as him and his team celebrates 1 year of Club His Hop! Keep pressin and remain faithful. u blessed me to headline last year and it was an awesome experience. I'm happy to hav been apart of ur inaugural year!! I look forward to seeing u guys again
Sam my faithful brother you bring such glad tidings and great news to so many at just the right time. our father uses you mightily everyday and everynight you pray and make yourself available and we can send out here and watch you be used to lift up the mighty name of Jesus and he is glorified through your ministry. Every day and night as you follow Jesus we follow Jesus through your giftedness and talents in the music and entertainment industry! Be strong and have the courage my brother because you are doing the work that only you could do and you are faithful until the day that he comes back for us his Bride the Church, in Jesus precious and mighty name I pray amen and amen Scotty I know that you are loved Sam and that we all care and want only God's best for you and your ministry we are here to have your back 24/7 365 keep rollin with Jesus let him be rock and you got the role warmest summer regards Scotty
This kid Ceena Baby is precious, they way she bowed to the Lord when she was rapping with Chaplain Sam was touching. I love the way she enunciates her words. God bless you C.
OMGosh God's people really knows how to party thank you so much Mr.Sam His-Hop Stewart for allowing the men, women and children of God to Praise and Worship in your establishment. From here on out I am a His-Hopper :-)
Last night was an awesome experience with God @ club HisHop! The girls from the academy killed it, JAY da priest wrecked it with the homie ambition, city lights was dope and the rep was really dope! Love God love all
so Crossover completely smashed it last night! was not expecting that David Crowder switch up!!! Xavier Jackson Diana Jackson great Job not just performing but ushering in the Spirit before hand, completely professional!.. also im a fan of The Rep now doodes really dope, like really. hes good. lol
Girl! Glad you guys are back! Let me know when the next one is.. I wanna be there!!!
YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING! Definitely felt God's presence. Love you guys
You guys got down.
What a blessed time in LV, thanks Club His Hop for having us. May God continue to do great things thru you yo impact the community of Vegas
Here they are again praising the Lord @ His Hop!!! It was an amazing night, one to always remember.
Great night at club his hop with the best people ever
Sam His-Hop in in the heart of the enemys camp bring the Good News to the lost and living or the walking dead in Las Vegas. Support HisHopNation @pray4DRoad. He's setting the Truth right out there in the Music Venue to bring Salavation to the 4 corners of the Earth. Support Sam with prayers for His ministry...He is an awesome brother. God, bless you Sam and may your ministry thrive in the devils lair...yer bro, Scott.
Tonight was soooo awesome had a great time!
Hope ur son is ok brother. And thanks D for the invite to the club. Our Youth/Young adults had a blast. Gos bless yall and we will definately be there next month
Praising God is the biggest privilege there is and doing it with people like this makes it THAT much better. TONIGHT WAS OFF THE CHAIN thank you CLUB HIS HOP THANK YOU DAMAGE CREW THANK you to all who came out to support and for those who couldn't make it we pray to see u next time :) God bless all of you! #doDamage #hard #work #paysoff
last night ws insane, and insanely fun, imma be uploding the video in a few minutes guys, but the show was insane then dennys after was even more fun!!!!!!!!
i wana take some time out to thank everybody that came out last night. shout out to the planes, speaklife movement, saint city, hog mob, one round ppl. your presence was greatly felt. and i want to thank all our friends and family that came out and supported us. we felt very appreciated last night, after all we do this for you guys. i want to thank bill and sam over at club his hop for opening their doors to us. God will greatly reward you guys for it. thank don floss for opening and blessing the stage for us, and thank our DJ(S) lol. we had two!!!!!! DJ HEXX and J BLADES!!!!!! and of course i want to thank my team! DAMAGE CREW!!!! started as my brother and i, but were slowly growing into something bigger!!!!
It was a blessing for us and our young adults/youth classes Thank u guys for doing what u do & helping this younger generation see what true "christianity" is all about...God bless u all...
I just want to thank the whole crew from last night from the Dj battle set/ DAMAGE CREW/ DON FLOSS @ CLUB HIS HOP ♥ u guys are such a blessing for this "lost generation" ♥ & thank u too everyone that came out to enjoy the show with us ♥ God is soooo good♥
Tonight was awesome! Shout out to Hexx JBlaze Sam Unashamed to put in Work #PLANES (minus jaymac lol) G-blest killed the cypher Ic DAMAGE CREW Kwon Quincy Charlie Kim Denise and of course my Momz I did miss Xavier Jackson I hope everything is ok!
Man great night of ministry it went great at Club HisHop and then we had great fellowship at Denny's afterward with Doc Jones and the Gang
The Las Vegas Rescue Mission- Chaplain Sam Shepard and the precious people that God loves and is saving to the utter most. Lord thank you for choosing to love me. I am only able to love to the degree that I understand how much God loves me.
His-Hop is out there, taking on the societal throw-asides, the type-casted as undesirable & sharing the TRUE message of HOPE. These are humble God-minded servants. They'll always have my prayers. Will u pray for them as well? Sam His-Hop Stewart James His-Hop Bonsell
Had a magnificent time w/ D Road & the entire crew at #ClubHisHop. God was in the room! HisHopNation dot com
Time for bed beautiful people If God! HIS HOP WAS AWESOME! Ty Will b at concert tomorrow at 7♥
Sooooooooo much fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun Sam His-Hop Stewart i really enjoyed my self!
CLUB HIS HOP was fresh this evening with Ronald Hayden La Colquitt DBs Malachi Erika Gary Ward Much Love! We are Blest & Unashamed to Put in Work for His Hop! Amen
it was truly a blessin, to come out and chop it up wit everyone... the artist were hot and did dere thang... much luv from ya boy don floss and street gospel is da click....
Glory be to God. We want to thank Sam His-Hop Stewart Doc Jones Nick Velasquez it's a privilege to share the stage with you all, where GOD is lifted high in such an awesome way, may God continue to pour out His favor upon you and your family.....S/O to the worship team:) you guys rock it for JESUS!!! It's good to be out of the building:)doing the same thing. If God gives us another opportunity "we going to do the same thing, do the same thing' hahahah. We are so blessed to be part of this team, group of humble sheep's, desperate, and the only desire is to bring glory and fame to JESUS. Thank You Holy Spirit for leading, we can't do this without Your guidance...We are lovers of Your presence........ Kathleen-Jaime Dominguez Marissa Smd Frank Torres Christopher Torres Anthony Gold Coco Mapendan Michael Alexander...Our vision will never change regardless where we at, "May our passion bring HIM fame"....
May He continue showing Favor
I wanna thank his hop nation for being obedient and starting such an awesome ministry!! To God B the.Glory and may he continue to.open.up doors and use u guys for his glory!!! God Bless Love y'all for real!!!!
I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped us get Club His Hop started. With out your support we could not do what we do for the kingdom! :-)
Next Sun 11/11 my Ordination Ceremony 2 PM in box me if you want to come out. :-)
Next Friday, I got a bunch of new tracks to debut at this concert. Hope to see you there. and bring someone with you
SAM when is this??? u prob don't remember me, but i used2attend the mission and this was RIGHT B4 u started his hop, i left ;( i would go to ur worship services on Saturdays, and i really loved all u had to say about the word of God, Leonard introduced me2ur music w/ur crew. and it's legit!!!! i mean u flow amazingly, and so do ur guy's in the group. im honored to know you ;) ur music and getting out the word is a beautiful combination ;) im also from Detroit, so i love the Michigan stuff and the old English D u got goin on....hope to see u again too!
Just got home from club His Hop. We had a great time. Thanks guys I love ya:)
Much love to CLUB HIS HOP! for having me out tonight. It was a blessing through and through. I will have some pics from it to post soon. Much love to Revival Attire and Grace Christian Clothing Company for hooking me up with some fresh gear to rock!
Had a bomb time at Club His Hop!
Club HisHop was so much fun, LOVE seeing Nick, James and Sam perform (: You guys all did sooo good!!
Is Going Down ! We so excited to be a part of this !!! S/O to homie Sam and His Hop Club from Dx3
This spot is a blessing !!! We'll be there at the end of the month !!! May god continue to use you guys in ur city !!! Ur brother in Christ Dx3
What up just checking in
Rocking for his hop on September 4th, much love and can't wait to blaze the stage for yah!!!
Yo Its yo Boy Jaybie From The 208 Twin falls Idaho! Man I had a Glorious and Awesome time! Club His Hop Is a Good Place for Christian Rappers and any teenager who likes to hear some rap. Man i Loved it and I cant wait to go Back again Brothers! Thanks For everything Yo this wont be the only time ill be there so stop by when you can peoples! so Have a blessed day Club His Hop Peace! -Jaybie
Just wanted to give a shout out (though he wouldn't want me to) & a "Thank You" to Sam His-Hop Stewart for his service to Christian musicians, youth & the community. Not a lot of folks out there in the 'biz', even in the Christian end of it; help without expecting anything in return, for the sheer joy & to see HIS kingdom grow. Keep keepin' on my brother! God sees & knows all. Love ya!
I am so blessed by your zeal for the Lord. Thank you for leading me into a whole new genre of music, praise and worship, a joyful noise unto the Lord. Thank you for your joyful obedience to bring the Message of the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ and the finished work of the Cross.
haha April :) yousa fan ? ? thats whuss uppp thank you for the support ! and thank you to everyone else who also supports us, MUCH LOVE ! <3
@ April thank you for the kind words :-) Yes we will have t-shirts at our next show. Yes we would love to sign you CD. Thank you for helping us spread the word about His Hop !
hey is there any way i can buy a t-shirt without buying it online? and i need my cd signed and my shirt ha :) you guys are so awesome i was rocking out to it today!
I like that drop you did for the meta show
i appreciate you bro! keep doing your thing!!!!
@ Elvia thank you for looking for us :-) WELCOME TO THE HIS HOP NATION!
i did look for u on youtube but failed somehow, glad i found your site!!!
hi sam
I heard u guys interview..u guys are awesome spreading the good word..keep up the greatt work..thanks to 88.1 for giving you guys that great opportunity...xoxo
@ Breana Taylor thank for the love ... keep us in your prayers!!!
Loving ery second of it all.... The biizzomb holla backin yu guys all the way good job yuh guys
MC STORY! Thanks for the Love.. We send some Love back!!! God bless..
Thanks for your support Jepsey God bless!
Enjoy your music, thankful youre reaching others praising Jesus!
It wasn't no D-Road but it was aight!
"I was flipping channels on the TV this morning and there was a His-hop video on and I thought of you!"
Man the "Whosoevers" need to tap you.....on the shoulder....can see you right up there with all of them......be blessed....Cj....
HIS HOP!!!!!!!!!!! To God Be ALL The Glory! Keep the movement going bro!
Allright do your thing brother
break a leg!
stay Blessed fam ,,get those tracks over to us so we can put it on air rotation,,,Thanks stay n touch
@ The Metamorphosis Show... Thank you for the interview! yes plz let us support this work of God. If you missed the interview click on radio interviews on the navigation on top of the website. Much Love!
Thanks for coming on the show and keep up the good work. Be sure to tell your people about the show. If anyone is intrested in sponsoring the show please feel free to contact us, Don't forget to tune in Saturdays at 2:30 pm for The Metamorphosis show @ latalklive.com! Thanks and God Bless.
@ Zone-3 Yes!! the new songs are sick!
Hey just wanted to say whats up.Its gonna be my sons B-day on saturday.Thirteen WOW.Anyway Im real excited about our up coming songs,cant wait.EVERYTHING FOR GOD.
@ Metamorphosis hit up my Email @ d-road@hishopnation.com
@ Hector thanks bro only what we do for CHRIST will last . We need to get on D-ROAD BACK TO THE BIBLE ...LOL
Hit me up asap if you have any radio ready tracks!!
Excellent Job Sam on your HIS HOP NATION you are very Compasionate on your way to Sucess . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK on ENCOURAGING ONES TO READ THE BIBLE.
@ Felicia thank you for the love fam!
Showin you some love.....
@ Zone-3 Love you bro yes plz " Pray for HISHOP" we thank all of you in Jesus name.
Whats up brothers and sisters this is Zone-3 just wanted to say God Bless you all and I love you as my family in CHRIST.I wanted to ask anyone who feels it in their heart to please pray for HIS-HOP and all of us in the ministry and if anyone out there needs any kind of prayer we are here for you.Everything we do in JESUS name GOD Bless.
@ T-Mac Yo thanks for stopping by .
sammy d rockin the mic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@ David Kendall thank you my brother for joining up with us. Let's push the Kingdom for the name of Jesus! Love you bro.
whats up i am david kendall i am a valued member of this ministry and i am so glad what this ministry as done for my life and how it has given me the confidence to step out in faith and be bold. and utilize my skills as an audio engineer and my passion for christian based rap music and christian rock music. Thanks to the discipleship of sam stewart and calvary chapel church where i am member. i have a firm foundation in my walk with jesus christ.
@ Twink Thank you for stopping by and thanks for the LOVE!!
Whats up D-Road. Just coming through to show my love! Keep doing what you do!
@ Tiffany thank you for stopping by!
Keep up the Good work =}
@Kim all is good thank you for the love your in my prayers.
hey hope all is going well...........God Bless
@ Demarlo we doing it Big Baby Boy.
Wzup fam just dropping a blessing in the book. "NEVER ASK FOR PERMISSION TO SUCCEED"
@ Sharron His Hop Stewart....wow that is a powerful prayer! I am blessed to have family walking with The LORD! Thank You JESUS! plz join our prayer page in our blog we need it. Love You!
May our Lord and Savior manifest His plans for your life, may no weapon formed against you, your family, or your finances prosper. May you be surrounded by hungry thirsty souls and may you be able to point them to the fountain of living Water.
Proud to have you as a brother in the Lord, so happy that you are doing what you are doing for Jesus. May His blessings rain down upon you!
@ Daniel thank you plz keep me in your prayers!
Love what you are doing, You are amazing!!! Godbless , d
@ AD-VICE yes we need to take this land it's going down!
@ Crystal sup family we need to hook up soon thnks for the kind words!
@ Lisa Much love sis I thank you for supporting me from the start!
@ Dee thank you for the kind words!
Love what Ur doing cuz... Keep inspiring people... Because we definitelly need it
I really enjoy your music. Praying that GOD would come and move in a mighty way through your music.
Keep doing whatcha do, you're an inspiration.
@Ersilia thank for the love cuzz i send some back!
@ Minister Sophia thank you my sister i need your prayers ;-)
@ Chapel Thank you for taking time to stop by you are a blessing to me.
@ Sam to God be the Glory! thanks.
@ Eunike thanks.
Hey cuzz just showing your guestbook some love... Smooches!!
God bless u man of God and just like Joshua.. I pray good success
Sam His Hop Stewart I enjoy your music, you are very blessed, keep focusing on Him....be blessed. Cj
Bro you are Awesome !!!
@ Suzette Thank you for liking our muzic I hope we can reach this country for Jesus keep us in your prayers.
@ Tami thank you for your support...and for coming to my CD release party much love !
I really enjoy your music keep of the good work!!
His hop music is great! Keep doing what your doing..spread the word! Love it!
@ Katie looney Thank you plz keep me in your prayers God Bless you :-)
@ SaBrina thank you family much love .... I miss my brother Jay.
@ Jamie thank you for your love and support hope to come do a show at your church one day soon.
Good music and a positive message for all!how can you go wrong! In remembrance of James Henry and from me to you ...keep making us proud Sam!
God bless you always, you are such a blessing and I am so thankful for you and your ministry!!! Love you!!!
@ Leo thanks for stopping by , Yes we try to come heard with it .
I like this D-Road Zone track. nice beat on Mika's Dance
Thank you for being the first to sing our guest book God bless ;-)