Refres(HER) Womens Conference CONTEST

 Ticket giveaway contest.

The tickets are $45.00 per person, we will be giving away both tickets to the winner (a $90.00 value).

:Here is the criteria:

Women 16 years of age and older are eligible. Those being entered into the drawing can be nominated by a loved one or can self-nominate (this includes men as nominators).

Those being entered or entering must write a short statement beginning with "I/My (wife, sister, daughter, friend, etc.) need to be Refreshed because..." Upon completion of their short statement they must use both 'hatch tags' #refresherwomen & #ClubHisHop and then tag both Face Book pages.

Winner will be chosen by a member of the Refresher Women's Leadership Team.The winner will be announced at April's Club His Hop, at which they must be present to claim tickets.


Erick Willis March 06, 2015 @07:09 pm
For Kyra Hall and Linnet Clark thank you so much for your entrees! Please make sure that you also tag our Club His Hop Face Book Page as well as our ticket partners Refresher Women's Face Book Page. These must be completed to be entered into the contest.
Kyra Hall March 05, 2015 @03:51 pm
I believe that I need to be refreshed with this conference, because I get destracted a lot from the lord and I want to be refreshed to sort of recharge my spirit and not grow distant from god but make him apart of my daily life. I think being surrounded by women who believe in god will help me do that, thank you for this opportunity. #refreshwomen #clubhishop
Linnet Clark March 04, 2015 @01:46 pm
My sister Linnet Clark needs to be refreshed with an experience from God like never before and I believe threw this women's conference she will get the knowledge and wisdom she needs to continue to move forth in her ministry also in her callling. Thank you for the consideration to apply to this event and God bless. #refresherwomen #ClubHisHop
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