faithfull music group coming to CLUB HIS HOP JUNE 12TH 2015



DMASKUS is a movement that started from a conversation in the year of 2 0 0 9 . The conversation was between a group of individuals who had some of the same opinions about today’s music and how it has affected the music industry. Some of today’s musics are not an edification for its listeners . They feel like some of the artists today hide behind a mask .




The DMASKUS mission wanted to make music that would uplift , encourage , motivate , and bring their listeners the truth that is prevalent in today’s world . D M A S KU S is called to be a light in lives of people who have no hope . Their mission is set on bringing change to the music industry and the artist behind the music . D M A S K U S is not here to judge any one but wants to bring correction in love . 

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